When men march away…

03 August, 2017 for We Love This Book magazine.

During the First World War, millions of women watched husbands, sweethearts, sons and brothers march away, and were left behind to live daily with the fear of the telegram boy arriving at their door…

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Hearts, Flowers and Handfasting.

31 JULY, 2017 for NewBooks magazine.

Valentine’s Day is said to be the day when birds choose a mate for life; likewise, in the spring ‘a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love’. The nineteenth century poet, John Clare…

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The Silk Factory – Ghosts and History.

28 JULY, 2017 for Historia magazine.

In the Northamptonshire village where I live, a friend reported odd sounds in her house and a wholly unexplained smell of soot. I wondered what the site had been used for in the past and found…

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